منتديا عراق العربمنتديات عراق العرب

Iraq Fauna

The aim of this collaborative project is to:

1. Aggregate knowledge about the animal biodiversity of Iraq

2. Stimulate interest in Iraq's natural treasures both in Iraq and Abroad.

3. Provide a forum for professionals and amateurs alike to share their research and observations.

4. Provide resources for teaching children in Iraq about the natural world.

5. Build Iraqi civil society by encouraging community involvement.

This site will handle Arabic and Kurdish text, however the page titles currently do have to be in Latin characters. I will be using machine translation to generate the Arabic pages. If my experience with MT is any guide, the results will need extensive editing, so please edit away!. Google has just released an English to Arabic translation program which I'll try out. - Jonathan Trouern-Trend

Report a wildlife observation - Wildlife Observation Submission Page - View Data

Get help identifying an animal - ID request Page - View Data

external image toenail-fungus.gifNEWS

Get help with identifying an animal using ID request form. A new page that allows you to upload an image and any associated observations to get help with identification. Any organism is fair game, birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, insects, spiders etc.
As images are identified they will be moved to their associated image galleries.

Wildlife Report Form and Request for ID form pages added. I've added a couple pages to make it a little easier to report your sightings. Use the form on the Report a Sighting page information to enter your information. You can also upload your checklists, spreadsheets, image files or any other documents that you think will be helpful. Just use the dropdown menu to locate the file on your computer and upload to share your information with others.

Nature Iraq and Birdlife International have recently published A Field Guide to the Birds of Iraq. This important book is the first comprehensive Arabic language field guide and represents an important milestone in Iraqi ornithology. 387 species of birds found in Iraq are covered in this book. Copies can be obtained through the Ornithological Society of the Middle East.


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